We often talk about God’s grace in the Christian community and how wonderful and awesome it really is…BUT I wonder how often we ever really allow ourselves to embrace it, accept it and bask in it. I am always in the art of practicing extending grace to others, but do I extend it to myself….

There are those things that we know we should do because of the affects that it will have on our well being. Things like eating well, exercising and for me reading my bible, praying and spending time with the Lord. Over the last month or so I have really gotten away from all such things, and in that have paid the consequences.

Like a bottle thrown into the ocean, I felt myself being swayed further and further from the shore, and in that I felt my self straying further and further from who I was called to be. My joy was lacking. My energy was waning. My new husband was worrying ha. He being the man he is, would check in and see how I was doing, knowing I was not myself. All I knew is that I just felt off. I knew it wasn’t him or this new chapter, so we both felt peace in that haha!

Sunday morning we got in the car to go to church, still in this funk. I felt the funk lift though as we were greeted by the love and kindness of our church family, but the funk was still looming. The worship team took the stage to usher us into the presence of the Lord, playing one of my favs, King Of My Heart, and it was in that moment I realized what was wrong…I had been far from the king. Instantly, in true Rachel form, I began beating myself up. Why do I suck? Why can’t I get this right? “You have to do better!”

And thus says the Lord “Give yourself some grace, Rach.” Huh? Grace to myself? That is something I really struggle with.

I took my moment with the Lord where I allowed myself to receive His grace. It was in that moment I was reminded that we don’t just have to give His grace to others, but that we are to give His grace to ourselves as well, and that it is ok to do so.

Grace doesn’t say I can do whatever I want and get away with it, but it does cover us when we waiver during life circumstances from what we know in our very being is truth.

You see, He calls us back to him every single time, and it is not to shame us but to change us! Sometimes it is in the quiet of a car ride. Sometimes it is in the lyric of a song. Sometimes it is in the hello of a friend that greets you at church. He always pursues us. Who is thankful with me today for that?

I know I am not alone in this so I wanted to encourage my friend in this struggle with me today. Take a moment and rest in the grace of Jesus. It is for our neighbor but it most certainly is for us to and I think we need the reminder sometimes. Lean in and let Him change you today!