Re-positioning Self…

This morning on my way to work, I was singing my lungs out with Amanda Cook, my normal morning routine haha, and I felt one word pressing so gently upon my heart….teachable. Are you being teachable or are you stuck in your way? That gentle nudging of the heart, turned into a conviction in my spirit.

I must always, in my walk with the Lord, find myself in a teachable place, making every conscious effort to place myself at the feet of Jesus.

The beauty of a walk with Him, is that there is always something new to learn or challenge yourself with. Ever read a scripture that you have read over and over again, and yet that one time the Lord shows you something new and fresh about it? I love that! We never have to be complacent with the Lord because there is always something else He is waiting to show us and teach us about Himself.

So here are some questions to ask ourselves: Am I teachable, or do I think I have it figured out? Have I found myself in a state of complacency? Am I stuck in my comfort and my way? What kind of student do I want to be?

I have a news flash for all of us. We are never going to fully grasp the awe and wonder of God the Father, but what a wonderful, wild ride of having the opportunity to sit at His feet and passionately pursue the truth, freedom, love and grace that He has to pour out on us.

Will sitting at His feet challenge us in ways that make us uncomfortable or twitchy in our seats? Absolutely. Will it be difficult at times? Absolutely. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

Here is to a day of re-positioning. A day of sitting at His feet with a heart opened to all He would have for me. Who is with me? Praying for you friends and always here to talk and encourage you