The Power of Your Testimony

I was encouraged in a devotional I read today to reflect on my testimony and recall how my life changed when Jesus came into my heart.

Most of my life I felt as if I did not have a great testimony because I first asked Jesus into my heart as a little girl, and was raised in the church serving and being a part of ministry pretty much from my beginnings. I remember asking God how can that really impact someone for the cause of Christ with that?

Our testimony starts with the initial call to Jesus, but it never stops. My testimony is that one time I was really struggling and God brought me through. My testimony is that one time the Lord answered that small prayer that I never thought he would answer. My testimony is found in the moments He provided the need. My testimony is a reflection of His unending grace poured out on me daily as I struggle to pursue and live out the gospel.

So what did I have to learn….
1: My testimony is not about me, but about Him. Not for my glory, but for His. 
2: We all struggle. We have all gone through tough things that God has brought us through. That is our testimony. That is what we share with people. 
3. Our testimony is in the good and the bad. We don’t just have to just share about the valleys we have been in. We can share about the mountain top experiences too. All things that shine a light on His glory in our lives are worth proclaiming.

Why is this important? Our story, that He has written for us as individuals, has power to crack the hardest of hearts, remove veils from eyes, and bring hope to the hopeless. Not by my power, but by His. AND not for my glory, but for His.

Want to know how to share with someone the hope you have? Share your story of what He has done!