You are Enough

I just want to speak to all my single ladies out there! The Lord has really been pressing each of you upon my heart this Holiday season. It was not long ago that I sat scrolling through my phone this time of year feeling alone and frustrated as everyone posted their holiday pictures with their honey’s haha. Rolling my eyes at yet another beautiful engagement post and avoiding talking to people who inevitably would always ask me if I had found someone yet.

I know the ache in your heart very well, and the frustration that can consume your mind as you think what is wrong with ME?
I just want to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. You are beautiful and wonderful AND you are enough. As the pictures roll in and the stories come forth and those ladies at church surround you….just remember that truth: I AM ENOUGH.

I learned to find comfort in seasons like these by remembering that I was being pursued, that I was being loved and that everything my heart desired was found in Him, my savior! It is so hard to focus on that when what you see is that social media post, BUT know that He is relentlessly pursuing your heart. He is relentlessly pursuing you with His love and grace. His love is the best love I have ever come to know. Let yourself experience it and find comfort in it.

Wait with Him. Pray with Him. Trust in Him that He has a plan for you, and that He will orchestrate it in the most perfect of timing. In but one moment my life changed and all those prayers I prayed were answered. Enjoy the season. Embrace it because in but a moment everything could change 🙂

Lean in to Him. Love Him. Pursue Him. He is for you, not against you, and I am here for you ladies too! <3